Friday, October 5, 2012


Hello Gorgeous!!

I'm linking up with Lauren @ FromMyGreyDesk for this edition of HighFiveForFriday!

1. Fall Festival!
The same logo since forever, but I love it.

In my oh so cute little town, the first weekend in October is always Fall Festival.  What is this festival you ask?! I don't care that September 20th was the "official start of Fall", It's not Fall until I've been to Fall Festival.  However, this is my first Fall Fest in like 6 years.. so.. Yes! I haven't had a Fall since 2006. Not really true, but I'm kind of ridiculously excited about it anyway!! Funnel Cakes, BBQ, Gyros, Meat...on a stick, deep fried stuff.. Yep. I'm stoked!!

2. $100 coupon to spend at Lilly...

So back in August Lilly Pulitzer had their Endless Summer Sale.  Needless to say, I had to shop.  I debated my purchases for like 3 days, and finally placed my order.  And promptly forgot about it.  In my defense, it was a busy time.  I was starting school again,  getting ready to leave for Cate's wedding, working my usual 40+ hours a week and I just plum forgot.  So then in like mid September I got a shipping notification and I was like "ohhhh yeah!" I got my shipment, and half of my stuff wasn't in there, and the maxi dress I bought was WAY to big (A good problem, but a problem none the less... my 6 foot tall mother now wears it).  I was miffed, but they put the sweetest little apology note in there so I was like "Oh Lilly! I forgive you! I could never stay mad at you!"  So then two days later I get an email that's like "Have 20% off and free shipping from your next order".. "Okay! Don't mind if I do!" and theeeeennnn.... I got another email from customer service that was like "We're really sorry we let you down, Here's $100 off" Shut. The. Front. Door.  I was seriously so excited.  Well.. Now it's October, and I'm still so overwhelmed! Have you been to that website y'all?! There's so much stuff that I want, need!  I've decided. I will spend it by the end of October.. Maybe by the end of today!

3. My Tervis...
I had a birthday coupon (Yay! Birthdays!) from Tervis, but I was in love with like 4 different cups.  2 of them were Alabama cups (duh!) and the other was a Fiesta ware.. cause I love Fiest ware y'all, but I got on the cutest leopard print, because it came with a lid and the others didn't.
The Runner's Up:

And my cute cup! I'm drinking out of it right now! Yummy Coffee since it's 6:30 and I've been at work for an hour and a half already.. after staying out far too late drinking wine with my parents.
Taken from instagram

4. Midterms
What kind of weirdo is excited about midterms? This girl! Cause that means it's almost fall break, and that I'm half way through the semester!! This semester has been crazy! 5 classes and 40 hour work weeks.. I don't recommend it! Plus once I'm done with this semester, I'm one semester closer to being a teacher and that is so exciting I could bust.
Don't Panic... Yeah right.

5. Bojangles.
Bojangles got new coffee y'all! Not only did they get new coffee.. they were giving it away! If you bought a biscuit, they gave you a free coffee... any size! So I'm having a Cajun Filet biscuit and some delicious BoJoe and I'm just so happy about it.
Cajun Filet Biscuit & BoJoe in my Tervis

So Yay for Friday!! I'm going to work on lab reports, lesson plans, study for midterms and I'm soooo looking forward to going home and snuggling with my precious baby tonight:
Thanks Dad for capturing all this cuteness..
 I think Theo was about to yawn in this picture? or maybe he was getting ready to sneeze in my face.  Either way.. I was passed out.

Happy Friday Y'all!


  1. I love the Tervis you picked! Super cute!
    I hope you are able to pick up some fabulous Lilly items, can't wait to see!

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you so much!! You are such a doll!! I hope you have a fabulous weekend as well!!

      BTW: I Love your blog!!

  2. good luck on your midterms. those always were a drag!

    have a great weekend!

    xoxo, Amy @ Interpret As You May

    1. You are an absolute doll!! Thanks a million and I hope you have a fabulous weekend!!


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