Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pinterest Privacy...

Does anyone else pin when they're bored?

I am a serious multitask-er.. to the point that I can't stand to just do ONE thing at a time.  Even when I write blog posts, I'm probably chatting on Facebook, googling stuff, working and doing homework all at the same time.  When I make phone calls at party headquarters, I'm probably also reading book or a magazine, or I play Temple Run on my phone until it dies and then I'm panicky because my phone is dead and then I'm pretty sure I'm going to be abducted or something (I watch a lot of SVU).

Last night I was spending time with the guys at our Republican headquarters, playing endless games of Words with Friends, and Song Pop. I got bored waiting for them to play, so I started pinning.  It's a reflex/security thing.  So anyway, One of the guys starts looking over my shoulder and commenting on my pins.  At first I was like "I have 17,000 boards and over a million pins" real proud like.  I was showing off all 670 of my boards like my "Sinful Sweets" board, and my "Passport Required" board, like I was the master of all things DIY, Cooking, Travel, Adult beverages, not to mention the hottest thing to hit Pinterest since all those pictures of Ryan Lochte from the summer Olympics. Then all of a sudden I started to feel like I was sharing this really personal thing with him, which is crazy considering: A- my boards are public, B- I have an insane amount of followers (most of whom I don't even know) and C-It's not like he was forcing me to show him my Pinterest.  In fact I was more than 80% sure he really didn't care (though in my defense he did take my phone and scroll through my pins and boards by himself).  I have pins for future babies, my future classroom, places I want to travel, clothes I wish I owned, and things I'd like to do with/for the man in my life one day.  I really felt like I was sharing my hopes, dreams and innermost thoughts with him. Though in reality I wasn't really saying much other than "Yes, I am crazy about Alabama stuff", "Who wouldn't want a house like that?!", and "Don't judge me!".  It was kind of like showing someone your messy room (which mine is.. almost always) or letting someone read your diary.
Screen Shot of my Pinterest App

I think part of my pin induced insecurity is because I'm kind of OCD and I like to think that my boards are pretty organized, but sure enough he found double pins, and things pinned in the wrong place.  Don't get me wrong this guy is the sweetest guy ever, but I really was kind of freaking out sharing this stuff with him.  It was kind of like showing someone your messy room (which mine is.. almost always).

Do you share your pinterest? Do you feel like people judge you for your pinterest? Am I the only person who feels like this?! 


  1. I know.. but at this point.. I'm sure that I will just always be messy.

  2. I have shared my Pinterest account with my mother-in-law and got her hooked on it. :) I do feel like I'm letting the world into my inner most thoughts with Pinterest far more than I do with my blog (even though I talk freely about a lot of personal topics.)

    That is a lot of pins for sure!! Of course, like you I can't just do one thing at a time. I currently have four other webpages open. ;) Plus I'm checking out what my hubby is watching on tv too.

  3. Oh Crystal!! I feel like you get me!! I love it!!


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