Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend Recap...

It's truth time people.  Sometimes.. I do phenomenally stupid things.  Sometimes.. I make really bad life decisions.  This weekend.. I did that.

Friday afternoon I took the Praxis.  I did pretty well, unless you consider the essay that I wrote, that could go either way.  I know it's more about the way you write rather than the actual content, but in hindsight, going on a political rant in an essay graded by three unknown judges... Not my best plan.

Friday evening, I was celebrating with my favorite Republican Guys  (Ben & Ted).  The original plan was to go out, but my inner recluse won out and I went out and got two 6 packs and we drank. It should also be mentioned that I'm kind of insanely ticklish.  Not necessarily all the time, but I have been known to freak out if someone is even THINKING about tickling me.  I can tell.  Yeah.. I'm a weirdo.  So Ted tickled me for probably an hour and I was pretty sure I was going to die.  Our impromptu party broke up around 2:30 or so. Sober Sammie texts some pretty random/awkward/funny stuff... Silly Intoxicated Sammie texts pure ridiculousness.

I sent this text around 3am...

How Charming..

Pants first!
And Last.....

So Saturday was awkward.. I was totally a big girl and owned up to my ridiculousness, but still felt like a jerk none the less. The story behind all of this is that I like a boy, and I told him so in a tipsy text which was such an amateur move.  I'm still kicking myself for it. 

Sunday, I got into a political debate with my sunday school class and can I just say that my little kiddos are amazing.  I love how opinionated they already are, making decisions for themselves, not just based on what their parents have to say.  I love my 5th grader who knows pretty much everything and wants to be the first independent female president (and run her cupcakery from the White House Kitchen).  The 4th grade twins who are pretty sure that "Republican's are the only TRUE American's". I really love the time I get to spend with these little people.  Especially the boys who are obsessed with walking around in my high heels.

Today is a typical Monday and I hate Monday's... Blah..

Sammie Joe


  1. I loved the text you sent me that said "KATELYNNNN I LOVE YOUUU!" Bahahaha

  2. Oh my! You ma'am, crack me up :) Hey, you live and you learn SJB. You're gorgeous, incredible and an amazing person. One day you'll find your inner Scarlett O'Hara again, and on the same night she shows herself, you will find a man who had to find his inner Rhett Butler to tell you the same <3


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