Thursday, October 25, 2012

If you don't like feet... Don't look at this post.

I clearly have no shame this morning..

I'm training for a half marathon right? Well I went to the running store and had them recommend some good (better than mine) running shoes.  Of course they were out of my exact size and they had to order them but they should be here today.  I had a decent, but not great, pair of Brooks already.  They were good, but not great and if I'm going to be running a hundred and some odd miles over the next few months, I wanted great.  I ran this morning, even though I shouldn't have.. and now, check out these beauties..

My new shoes

Note the skin peeling off right under my nail bed.

The blister that is bigger than my thumb nail

My other blister

 I have a feeling I'm going to become quite accustomed to having gross feet covered in blisters. Oh! and if anyone is interested my nail polish is Essie "raspberry" (two coats with "no chips ahead" and "good to go" over it).

Sammie Joe

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  1. Nothing like posting pictures of your feet for the whole world to see!


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