Friday, October 19, 2012

Getting to know you..

I got the questions and idea from this post from Erin @ Fleur de lis and Football and I'm a sucker for some getting to know you questions!!
Tea or Coffee?  I am a new addict to coffee. It started when I was having to get up at 4am a million days a week (4) and not getting out of class until 9pm thus getting far less than 8 hours per night.  I liked the idea of something warm in my hands/mouth/tum-tum in the morning so I would get hot chocolate (cause I'm really a child). Then I started adding a little bit of coffee.  Now I'm up to almost all of my 24oz of coffee and my peppermint coffee creamer. I was also a crazy sweet tea drinker, like more than 32oz every day. I gradually started easing off of tea and now it's a very rare treat for me. Usually I take a sip and it's so sweet I feel like I just acquired diabetes, but that's what Lemon is for..

I Collect...Nothing really? I mean, I try to get something every time I go on a trip somewhere, but I haven't done much traveling recently. I need to work on this.  I used to collect Wizard of Oz stuff and at one point I had an entire room that was FULL of Wizard of Oz stuff, but I grew up and grew out of it. 

Favorite City? Charleston.

The Battery
Spring or Fall?  Fall, Always Fall..

Bloom of Choice? Peonies and Roses
Peonies & Roses

Style Icon?  Grace, Audrey & Jackie

Linens? Yes? I'm kind of a bedding snob, especially when it comes to sheets. The higher the threat count the happier I am.

China Pattern? I'm a big fan of Fiesta ware.  It's my favorite, I love the bright colors!

I'm lusting after... Shoes.  I want so many shoes! New Running shoes, some darling TB flats & wedges, Kate Spade flats, Riding boots.  I'm a shoe freak.

Most prized possession? A spoon ring that my grandmother had made for me with her old silver. I don't wear it often because it's a bit too big, but I do frequently hold it and rub it for luck during tests and stuff.

Girl Crush? Witherspoon.. Could she be any nicer, sweeter & cuter?! Probably not.

Boy Crush? Does it have to be a celebrity? Because short of one brief episode of lust for  Leonardo DiCaprio circa 1997, I've never really been one for a celebrity crush.. I do have a real life boy crush though <3
On Weekends... You can usually find me volunteering, working, doing homework and in the fall drinking beer and watching football. 

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  1. Totally agree on the linens thing! It's worth every penny!!


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