Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's OK Thursday.

Happy Thursday Lovelies!!

It's Ok...

That I shamelessly flirt with the sweet guy in my biology class even though he is wayyyy to young for me...(I'd let him be my DD though!)...
That I locked myself in the bathroom and cried for 10 minutes yesterday after one of my students was a holy terror..
That picking out outfits for school is exhausting.. and I sometimes lay awake way later that I should because I'm all like "did I do laundry? is my black skirt clean? do I want to wear a skirt? skirt and what... dress? what time is it? OMG!!!"
That I'm a shopaholic and I'm frighteningly close to being broke...
That I had wine for dinner last night..
That sometimes I'm all like "I'm going to save so much money" and then be like "Buttt.... Shoes!!"..
That I laugh uncontrollably alone in my room at #myfriendsaremarried...
That I still don't really understand what I'm supposed to claim on my W4's...
That I'm kicking myself for not getting the new middle school teacher I met at my enrollment's number.. or last name.  Who doesn't need more friends? Specifically friends who are male, that just moved here from a different state and that dress well.... On second thought.. he seems too good to be true.
That I am the master procrastinator.. (I actually got my laptop out to work on homework, 6 hours, 2 blog posts. a nap and a weird pseudo date later... No homework got done.)
That when I tell stories of how awful dating is and people are like "You're so funny! You should totally create a blog" I'm all like: 
because then they would read the things I write about them...
But you know what's not okay?
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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Social

Happy Sunday Y'all!!

I'm linking up today with Neely and Ashley for:
What is your ideal way to relax?
With a glass of wine! Wine makes everything Fine.

Where is your favorite place to be?
Charleston SC.  It's my happy place.  Or in my bed.. because lets face it.. being in bed is awesome.

Who do you consider your biggest role model?
 In terms of real people that I know: My friend Cate. She has seen me through some really tough times, and she always gives me the best advice.  Even when it's just "You're being ridiculous" I love her blunt honesty and her constant support. Also, Scarlett O'Hara.  She's the best. She's fearless and tenacious.

What does your life look like in 3 years?
 Ideally, I'll have finished school and be an EC teacher, be in a normal healthy stable happy relationship that's headed down the aisle, and I'll still be just as Sassy.

If you could go back and change one decision what would it be?
I would have high tailed it in the opposite direction after the first big fight with my now ex-husband.   Although, I probably wouldn't be the same person I am now.  I know it was a mistake I had to make, but I could have saved myself and others from a whole lot of hurt and sadness.

What is your biggest accomplishment in life thus far?
Getting myself out of my abusive marriage.
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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Man Repellent

Apparently, I am Man Repellent.  

It has recently been brought to my attention that I send out this weird "Commit to me" vibe. I have narrowed it down to several factors that seem to make guys think that I want more than I do, even when I say that I'm fine with something more casual!.
The Reasons why guys think that I want a more serious relationship &/or why I am Man Repellent:
1. I'm happy and perky.
2. I put time and effort into my appearance.
3. I use a lot of emoticons in my texts (that probably comes off as flirty.. Right?).
4. I use terms of endearment for everyone.
5. I cook and bake, and enjoy it.
6. I'm incredibly thoughtful.
7. I try very hard to make people feel at ease (also comes off as flirty)
8. I know that I am in fact a kick ass girlfriend.
9. I seem way too good to be true (come on.. I drink beer annnndddd love football?!)
10. I'm a Southern Belle, and thus bred to be an excellent girlfriend, fiance and wife.
11. I'm obsessed with my cat (but seriously.. he's adorable)
12. I really like wine, but I can shoot whiskey like a man.
13. Let's face it, I can drink anything like a man.
14. I like to give cards, and will not ever give someone so much as a muffin without a card (probably my personalized postcards).
15. I'm a nurturer.  
16. I'm incredibly focused and won't let a guy get in my way.
17. I have some serious emotional baggage.
18. I may have the Tiffany Ring finder app on my phone... Shut up! I like shiny!!
19. For all my southern charm, I can be incredibly blunt
20. I do eventually want to settle down, but I unsettled myself barely a year ago so I'm not looking to resettle quite yet!

(Disclaimer: take all of this with a grain of salt.. I'm just drinking wine and being funny.)
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Friday, January 25, 2013

Official Launch!! H54F!!!

Yay!! Today is the day!! We are officially launching the giveaway!!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Y'all!!! We had another Snow Day, but it's more of an Ice Day.  I was TERRIFIED while driving home.
I have a tiny two seater car that does not drive well in the snow.  I also live on a "mountain" so lots of curves and hills.  It took me 34 minutes to get home today. It takes me less than 10 minutes to get to work so.. yeah.  I was super stressed out about it.

But now on to the fun!!

1. We officially launched our giveaway today!!! Yayyyyyyyy!!!! Hurry!! Run!! Go Enter!!
2. I had a much needed W(h)ine evening with one of my girlfriend's here in town. We dished and gossiped and down two bottles of wine in less than an hour.  I Loved it.
3. We originally had an early dismissal scheduled for 10:30 am, well it actually started snowing/sleeting at 9:15, so at 9:30 they bumped it up to 10, which was a huge clusterfudge.  Buses were late because the weather started, my students freaked out.  It was chaos.  Then leaving the school my car was not pleased about the ice on the road, and I swerved like three times.  It was terrifying.
4. I finished my first (rather short) week of school with my new job.  I am one tired girl, but y'all I love my job, and my students so much.  It is just ridiculous.  They are so sweet and I find it so rewarding to work with them. Because I only have one student that's verbal, so my weekend will be filled with learning basic signs like "Please", "Thank you", "More", "Help" all the things my students need to say, but can't.  I'm being really disciplined, and using my signs while I'm talking.  New favorite hobby.. I think yes!
5. One of my sweet classmates (yes, I am still in school!) gave me four of his landscapes last night during our class.  He is super talented and I Love them! The one in my collage is my favorite though, it's so gorgeous it almost looks fake!! My favorite part was that he signed the back of them with quotes and sweet sayings. What a doll!!

(Linking up with Lauren for H54F!!)

I hope Y'all are having a fabulous Friday!! Don't forget to enter our giveaway!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

100th Blog Post & A Giveaway!!

First of all... It's


So to celebrate my 100th Blog post, I am co-hosting a giveaway with two of my very favorite bloggers and dear friends Katelyn & Chelsee!

Up for grabs is an adorable gift basket full of some our favorite goodies just in time for Valentine's Day!!

The giveaway will officially launch tomorrow and run for 1 week with a lucky winner!!

Friday, January 18, 2013


I'm not normally very conceited, and I realize that this will come off that way.. But I look way to good tonight to have been stood up.


Ill just hang out with my real boyfriend:

H54F: Snow Day edition!!

Linking up with Lauren for H54F!!
So I was supposed to start my new job today, but here in the South, we're having a snow day y'all!!

Never mind the fact that we got like 3 inches of snow last night and it's gone now, but we had a snow day none the less.

1. My New Job.  I have a feeling that this will top my list for the next month.
2. Snow Day. I've showered, napped (twice), and mostly watched
3. Classic Movie Marathon. Chelsee knows that I frequently have my own personal movie marathons, 90's movies, Chick Flicks, last night I started with the 1948 version of "Anna Karenina" it has been classic movie perfection all day.
4. My New makeup.  After my second interview earlier this week I was feeling fairly confident but still really nervous so shopping seemed like the logical stress reliever.  I also decided that my makeup routine could use some sprucing up.  I decided that I needed to suck it up and start wearing big girl makeup.  That meant foundation.  I hate foundation. HATE it.  I'll post more about that tomorrow.
5. Kitty BooBoo.  My sweet precious baby loves when we have Mommy and Me Movie Days.  He has very sophisticated taste in cinema.

Katelyn, Chelsee & I will launch our fabulous giveaway next Friday!!
Happy Weekend!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Things I don't Love Thursday

Linking up with Melissa from Lulu & Sweet Pea for some things I don't love Thursday!!

I'm currently loving, but also not really loving the fact that I have to basically get an entirely new wardrobe.. like today.   I went from a job where I wore sweat pants every day, to a job where I have to look nice!  I'm really excited about this, but my bank account is not.  Yay for Loft loving Teachers and giving an extra 15% off discount!!!

The panic about some snow has begun. I have been at work for a little over an hour and I have already had no less than 12 conversations about the snow. Kids are bummed out because they are calling for snow on a day that they don't have school anyway.  People have stocked up on enough milk and bread to survive Snowpacolypse 2013.  I could in all honesty care less.  
The fact that Snowpacolypse 2013 could possibly interrupt my date plans and dating in general.  I feel like dating now a days is like playing high stakes monopoly.  Going to jail is a very real possibility because lets be honest girls be crazy, You have to get dressed up, leave the house, be interesting and charming when sometimes all you want to do is stay home with your cat (but then you'll be "that" person..), we all want to be the shoe, but sometimes you end up being the top hat (take from that whatever you'd like, it can even be a little bit dirty)
 My Flirty Faces.

Here I thought I was being subtle... Apparently not.  

So now I'm off to go practice flirty faces in the mirror, perhaps I'll try a more smoldering temptress look?

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

{A very Tardy} Tell me about it Tuesday

Lately, I've been a pill.  Like a grade A certified bratty b-word.  I was awful and thus I was taking a mini hiatus from blogging because I didn't want to spread my bad mood to others.  Y'all, bad moods are contagious! However, (fun fact: I say "however comma" every day and I sometimes go to type it and literally type out "comma") that all changed today.

Today I was offered and accepted a new job.
Starting on Friday (for training) and officially on Tuesday, I'll be an EC Teaching Assistant at a local elementary school.  I am sooo excited and honored and feel incredibly blessed. I have always had a huge place in my heart for EC kids, they are Amazing.  

With my new job, I also joined a different gym (I don't really want to work out at the gym where I was previously employed..), started food journaling and menu planning, made myself up a schedule for work/homework/class/blogging/dates/wine (yes. wine.).  Tomorrow I get to go sign paperwork and get my id badge (yeah.. I'll post a picture).  I have Crisis Prevention training on Friday and my first full day on Tuesday!

I'm in all honesty a bit nervous.  I'm nervous about the kids not liking me.  The other teachers not liking me.  Mostly though, I'm so excited about my new opportunity..
With my new opportunity, I'm excited to announce an opportunity for YOU, my fabulous readers to win a fabulous gift basket filled with goodies just in time for your Valentine's Day plans.  Yes, lovelies, I am co-hosting a giveaway with Katelyn & Chelsee. We'll officially launch our giveaway next week, but get excited!!

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Friday, January 11, 2013


I haven't done a H54F post in like 3 weeks, last week I was grumpy.. before that.. I don't really remember what I did.. but yeah..

1. Back to Back National Championships!!! Y'all know that I'm a hardcore Alabama fan and Monday night's game was.. well.. if we're being honest not the best football game I've ever seen, but Bama won!!!!! WoooHooo!!
2. New Kate Spade Purse.  Yep! I'm that person! Y'all my new bag is fabulous!! I love it!!
3. School Supplies! Does anyone else get weirdly excited about school supplies? I don't go out and buy new binders every semester, I always reuse them, but I love designing the new covers, and reorganizing them. I'm such a nerd.
4. Spring Classes started! I'm sure in May I'll be like "IS IT OVER YET?!!?", but for now, I'm glad to be back into a routine, happy to be using my brain again (I felt like it was getting mushy).  I love taking notes (I'm super OCD about them too.. color coded and everything)
5. First Scentsy Order!! Katelyn hosted an online party last week and I bought my first scentsy order. Do y'all have any favorite scentsy scents?! 

Happy Friday Y'all!!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Things I (don't) Love Thursday

Happy Thursday Lovelies! 
I wanted to Link up with Melissa from Lulu & Sweet Pea for:
My Boss.  She's just.. Ugh. I'll leave it at that since it is the interwebz and who knows. Yuck.
Guys.  Just in general. Yeah yeah, we all know I'm dating again, and y'all Dating. Sucks.  I do finally have a single friend in Chelsee (SouthernBeautyGuide) to share my "BOYS ARE SO STUPID AND I HATE THEM" texts and stories.  Guy's who "dont want anything serious", Guys who "I'm just not ready", Guys who take you out once, blow you off and then randomly text you 4 months later and act like nothing happened and that you should be over the moon that he suddenly decided to grace you with his presence.  Girl Please.

"Spicy" Toothpaste. Y'all know what I'm talking about.  Those toothpastes that set your whole mouth on fire. Cool Minty Fresh my butt. 

The Baby Obsessed.  With the exception of the previously mentioned Chelsee, all of my close girlfriend's are married. So far only one has actually had a baby, but several others are just freaking OBSESSED with getting pregnant.  Now, I'm not a huge baby person, they flat out scare me and I am woman enough to admit that, however, when it gets to the point that the only thing you can talk about is your ovulation, mucus and what position is best for conception, we have a problem.  A big one.  I could care less.  Seriously.. I don't care at all.  Take that mess outta here.
Returns.  Are just such a hassle.
I'm adding this one after I had already posted this but Katelyn and I were just texting and reminded me of this other common practice that I absolutely do not love:
Eloping, "Big Wedding"s, Vow Renewal.  All of these things by themselves, fine! Wonderful! I Love love as much as the next person. I had never heard of this until The, and I still think it's much more common with the Military.  Apparently it is now perfectly acceptable to get married by a Justice of the Peace, and then have a "big wedding" a few months down the line.  WHAT?! Can we say Tacky? Spell it with me now: T-A-C-K-Y. Even worse in my opinion are the people who are married, and have been married for years, and then out of the blue they announce "I'm getting married!".  Oh? You are? Did you get a divorce that no one knew about? "No, but I want a real wedding." Oh.. so you are somehow less married than someone who had the frilly froufrou princess and the mini crab cake appetizers? There are people all over who would love to have the right to get married in any way, but by all means Princess, waste your money and plan a big fancy smancy "Wedding".  I also find that really rude because you're implying that someone who eloped/JOP'd isn't married enough.  You chose in a moment of weakness/excitement/whatever that you didn't want any of that "wedding" stuff and that a Justice of the Peace was the wedding you wanted.  I'm sorry that a year or two down the line that you decided that your wedding was no longer the wedding you wanted and then you want a "real wedding".  I have no problem's with Vow Renewal's, Love them! but be upfront with your guests that you're happily married and that you don't need any gifts (they'll probably still bring them!).  /end soapbox rant.


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Liebster Award, Take Two & Three!

I feel so lucky to have been nominated for a second Liebster award, and I was actually nominated twice in one week!!  Eeepp!  Liebster awards are for blogs with less than 200 followers and best of all, they are picked by fellow bloggers!

I was nominated for my first Libester back in November by Elizabeth from SouthernColor, and was nominated this time by Chrissy of Prayers&Pearls as well as by Nicole of Grub n Marriage.

The Rules:
1. List 11 facts about yourself.
2. Answer the 11 questions given to you.
3. Create 11 new questions for the bloggers you nominate for the award.
4. Choose 11 bloggers with 200 or less followers to nominate.
5. Go to each bloggers page and let them know about the award.
6. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog :)
I have to say my favorite part of doing this the first time was discovering new blogs and new bloggy friends!!
I'm only going to list 11 random facts.. I don't want to bore y'all with 22 random facts about me (and I even checked out my last 11 random facts so I won't duplicate).
1. I'm not 100% settled on my major..
2. I'm obsessed with Politics
3. I loooovvveeee beer.. and wine.. and whiskey
4. I text a lot (especially with Katelyn & Chelsee), but I still prefer a good old fashioned phone call.. especially from a boy.
5. I still send Thank You notes.. Almost Always.  I usually do them almost immediatly, but I haven't gotten my Christmas TY's sent out yet because I ordered new note cards and they haven't come in yet.
6. I'm a makeup snob and the only drugstore make up I use is my Revlon eyeliner.  Everything else comes from Ulta and Sephora.
7. I'm a reformed nail biter.
8. I always claim that I don't watch tv, but I mean that in the sense that I very rarely actually sit at home and watch tv.  I use Hulu & Netflix to watch my shows.  Who has time for all those commercials.
9. As much as I love to cook, sometimes I'd much rather eat cereal for dinner.
10. I have two tattoos.  One on my hip, one on my ribs. The on my hip is a sparrow, I got it like a month after I turned 18.. just cause I could? This is the other one:
The nautical stars represent every time I crossed the equator while I was in the Navy.
11. Receiving snail mail is my favorite thing ever.
Chrissy's Questions:
1. What were your New Years' Resolution?
I (like almost everyone) blogged about them! But then I took things a bit farther and posted the graphic that I made to go along with them on the blog so I can see it all the time.  So far, I've done really well with all of them!! Fingers crossed I can keep it up!
2. What is your favorite "junk" food?
Loaded Cheese Fries with Ranch dressing.. Sooooo good.
3. What is your favorite Pixar movie? 
Up! I am so obsessed with that movie.  It makes me cry everytime.  I love it.
4. What blogs are on your "daily must read" list?
The {Mrs.} Adventure's of a misplaced Belle
Prayer's and Pearls
Grub N Marriage
Splash of Whine      
5. Who is your celebrity look-a-like?
Idk!! Maybe a mix between Zooey Deshannel, Katy Perry and Reese Witherspoon (when she's a brunette)
6. What is your daily beauty routine?
Tinted moisturizer, blush, eyeshadow primer, eyeshadow, more eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, chapstick.
7. What is your number one blogging recommendation to bloggers just starting out? 
Stick with it.  At first, it will seem like no one is reading.  You'll feel like you're sending these random tidbits into the great unknown, but you're not. Someone is reading.  You never know how your story/life/post can affect someone. Also, Link parties are a great way to get new followers and find new blogs.
8. Long hair or short hair and why?
I've had both, and I much prefer my hair long. I have very thick naturally curly hair and short hair is not a great look for me. I'm working on growing my hair back out.  It's been a little bit past my shoulders for like two years now, and I want it loooooonnnnngggggg.
9. What is the last thing you bought?
 The last major purchase I made was a new KateSpade bag.  I have a brown one so I HAD to get a black one.. right? Exactly.
10. What is your go-to hairstyle?
 I usually curl my hair, and then it will usually end up in a ponytail at some point during the day.
11. What is your favorite soda? or tea or coffee?
  I mostly drink water, and sweet tea, when I do drink soda, it's Cheerwine.
Nicole's Questions:
1. If you could eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Probably Mac & Cheese, I LOVE me some Macaroni & Cheese
2. What is your dream car and why?
Mercedes GL450 SUV
with Diamond White Metallic exterior and grey leather interior.  20 inch wheels.

3. Share with us your favorite recipe.
4. What is one item you can't live a day without?
My Phone.. yeah, I'm that person.
5. What is the worst/funniest prank you pulled?
Calling my arch nemisis's mom and pretending to be from planned parenthood a la Mean Girls.  Of course I didn't stop there, I also went online and added her to the mailing lists of allllllllll sorts of maternity stores.  I'm sure she still gets mail from places like that.  I was quite the Mean Girl in high school.
6. Do you have any crazy date stories?
Um.. Yes. I had been seeing a guy and he wanted to take me out to dinner for my birthday (I flew back into town from a wedding earlier that day, so I was a weekend's worth of hungover and tired) and he took me to.. Wendy's.  No Wendy's is not a fancy smancy place here in podunk NC, Wendy's the fast food chain. He got me a frosty.  I was in shock.
7. If you could write one law, what would it be and why?
Mother in Law's must keep away from their new daughter in law.  No drop in's, No suprise two week visits. (I had a terrible MIL.. I don't even HATE my ex as much as I HATE my XMIL. All of my friend's also seem to have horrendous MIL's as well... Ugh.. I don't want another MIL unless she is of the sane variety.)
8. What are three words that describe you?
Perky, Romantic, Classy
9. What is one thing you have on your bucket list?
Stroll through Ireland with my Love..
10. If you win the lotto, what would you do with the money?
Pay for School, Buy my dream car, Pay off bills for my parents, Oh! and go Shopping at the Galleria with Katelyn.
11. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
 Color me boring, but I would build a dream house somewhere in Alabama.  Near Gulf Shores, but not quite on the water (Hurricane's can be a really pain in the butt!)
11 Questions for Blogs that I tag:
1. What's your dream job?
2. Favorite Color?
3. What is your favorite sport?
4. Tell us about your Dream Vacation?
5. Favorite Cereal?
6. What is your guilty food pleasure?
7. High Heels or Flats?
8. Do you already have your (possibly future) babies names picked out? (You don't have to share if you don't want to...)
9. Why do you blog?
10. Favorite TV show(s)?
11. Where do you loooovvveeeee to shop?

My Blog Pics:
Katelyn from AWife'sLife
Chelsee from SouthernBeautyGuide
Jess from BlondeMeetsWorld
Allison from FridgeGrownGarlic
Maddie from ATingeOfWhimsy 
Beth from ShugInBoots 
Julie from TwoBluesFans
Brooke over at WideOpenSpaces
Robbie from FracturedFamilyTales 
 Thanks again to Nicole & Chrissy for nominating me!!!!

ABC's of Me! (A Very Random Wednesday!)

Sorry I haven't been posting as much lately.
Last week I sort of lost my job.  I say sort of because I wasn't fired, and I didn't quit.  My hours got cut back, my feelings got hurt, and I basically said "I'm looking for another job".  Going from 40+ hours every week down to like 10-15, well Sammie likes to Shop and that is just not going to cut it.  It's just not worth my time.  Add to this the fact that I routinely went in on my days off and didn't get paid for it, bought all the supplies (toilet paper, paper towels, ect) and never got reimbursed for it, I  decorated and undecorated for the Holidays by myself, and really it's just time for me to move on.  I love my coworkers, I love my members, but it is time for me to find a job where I will be appreciated.
Anywho, I found this fab little list after Mariel from LivingForHisGlory posted it! 
Y'all know I LOVE some listy type questions!
A: Age. I am 24 years young!
B: Bed Size.  I have a full since it's just me and my room is microscopic.
C: Chore you hate.  Dishes.  I hate touching other people's plates after they've eaten off them.. Idk why but it really grosses me out.
D: Dogs.  I'm much more of a Cat person.  I like most dogs, but they can make me kind of nervous, and I'm sort of allergic.
E: Essential start to your day. Coffee.  Coffee makes me a very happy girls.
F: Favorite Color. Pink.. duh!
G: Gold or Silver.  Either, I rock them both.
H: Height. 5'5.. okay.. 5'4.5... but I round up.
I: Instruments play(ed).  Piano, Guitar and Violin.. But I don't play any of them anymore.
J: Job Title.  Currently I'm a Circuit Coach for a Gym, but I'm also looking for another better job. Oh! and a Full time Student
K: Kids. I don't have them, and I'm not 100% sure I want them.. Babies really freak me out.  I like kids, but babies are scary.  Maybe I'll adopt a precocious 7 year old.
L: Live. North Carolina
M: Married.  Nope.  Maybe someday again..
N: Nicknames. Sam, SJB, Sammie, Sammie Joe, Hey You!
O: Overnight Hospital Stays.  None.
P: Pet Peeves. Too many to name.  Fakes, Name Calling, WannaBe's, Drama Queen's
Q: Quote. I have so many favorite quotes, and words to live by but today's is: Keep your Head, Heels and Standards High.
R: Righty or Lefty. Righty
S: Siblings. One older sister.  16 years older to be exact.
T: Time you wake up.  By Alarm: 4am. Naturally: between 8:30-9
U: University attended. Pfeiffer University.
V: Vegetables you dislike.  Lima Beans
W: What makes you run late.  Not being able to find shoes.  9 times out of 10, I'm missing like one shoe.. and I will spend 5-10 minutes looking for it, and then usually I end up changing my outfit to match a pair of shoes that I can actually find.
X: Xrays you've had.  Teeth and my hand when I broke it.
Y: Yummy Food.  OMG.. I love food so much.  Last night I made a super yummy Chicken Casserole.  Hot Homemade Chips and Ranch, Cookies hot out of the oven that are still gooey in the middle.. I make lots of yummy food. Maybe I should start posting recipes on here? What do YOU think?
Z: Zoo Animals.  My Favorite's are the big cats.  Big Pretty Cats.
Linking up today 
Wednesday Walkabout
Weekly Wednesday BlogHop

Sunday, January 6, 2013

(Better Late than Never) Sunday Social

 1. Do you plan to change any of your eating habits in the new year? I plan on drinking more sweet tea, which probably sounds really counter intuitive but its my favorite thing ever and all too often I'm like "No..I'll have water" even though I really want sweet tea.  I also plan on being more strict with my Meatless Monday's promise.
 2. Any workout tips to get us back in shape after the Holidays? Start gradually and set realistic goals for yourself.  You're not going to lose 100lbs before 2014, but you could very easily lose 15-20 and keep them off!
 3. Favorite thing you did over the Holidays? Spent time with my sister, niece and nephew. I don't get to see them nearly often enough and we always have a fantastic time.
 4. What is something you hope that you accomplish in 2013 that you did not in 2012? Reading my 13 in 2013.  It was 12 in '12, but that was an epicccc fail.
5. Name 3 things happening this year you are excited about and why: Katelyn is (hopefully) coming to NC for Spring Break!! I'm turning 25.. I'm trying to be excited about it, but I mostly really freak out about it, Getting a new and hopefully more exciting job where I'm more appreciated than I am at my current job.

So yeah, this was late, but hey! It's still Sunday so that counts right!?

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Things I (don't) love Thursday

I'm linking up with Lulu & Sweet Pea today for her "Things I don't Love". Seems like a fun way to get some things that I'm not loving off my chest. 
 Get ready y'all.. I'm about to get real up in here.

Things I don't love:
Girls who claim to only want a FWB (Friend's with Benefits) type relationship.  Ladies, when you enter into this kind of relationship with a guy, you're telling him that you obviously don't respect yourself enough to want to be his girlfriend.  You're worth more than a 9pm "I couldn't find anything better do so lets hook up" text message.  I speak from experience.  I used to be that kind of girl, too emotionally damaged to be able to handle anything more than an evening the felt good at the time, but only left me more damaged the next day.  I used to be a good time girl.  Then my ex happened, and well.. I had to seriously re-evaluate my decisions.  You can kid yourself into thinking you're okay with that, but girlfriend, You and I both know better!  Respect yo self, and tell him you want more.

That Christmas comes and goes so quickly.. I miss it already. 

How Jessica Simpson already seems to be 11 1/2 months pregnant. Man.. this will be another long pregnancy.
Filing my nails.  I've been trying to grow them out, and I guess that means I'm supposed to file them? I hate it. A lot. The feeling of sand paper across my nails seriously gives me the willies. Yuck yuck yuck.
My brain when it gets a brilliant idea.  It wakes me up way before my alarm and forces me to go to the grocery store (NEVER AGAIN WALMART!) before work. Though the end result is a pretty brilliant marketing tool, if I do say so myself!
The 17924372 things and meetings I'm supposed to go to today. I have a kickoff dinner for Relay for Life, a fundraising committee meeting for the senior adult association, a staff meeting, I need to update our computer system, print out stuff, organize our desk and I still need to find sometime to get books for next semester which starts in less than a week.  Sheesh.  I need a nap.

What are you not loving today?


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

13 for 2013

Woohoo!! First Blog Post of 2013!!
I always swear that I won't make resolutions. Usually once I slap the word "resolution" on something, I'm like "Pssshhh.. never gonna happen."  So this year I decided to make some goals. (I know that sounds a whole lot like some resolutions, but I'm trying some reverse psychology or something)

So here they are (in no particular order):
Go ahead, judge me!!  I feel good about these goals!!

What are your goals or resolutions for 2013?