Friday, December 14, 2012


We made it to another Friday Friends!!!

I'm so stoked that this week went by so fast, and that I'm done with classes!! I could probably in all honesty come up with 12 things I'm excited about but I'll try to contain myself.

1. The Beautiful snowflake ornament that one of my sweet members made for me and the staff (we each got our own!).  She is just an incredible member who's always thinking of others.  She was a high school French teacher for ever, so she has LOTS of stories. 
2. This BooBooKitty who is THE BEST Snuggler ever.
3. Katelyn & Jerrica who let me bombard them with countless pictures of my makeup, my outfit, my stupid faces, my "Should I wear my hair like this?" "or like this?" and my mini freakouts due to nerves. They never let me leave the house looking like a mess, and I appreciate that!! Y'all are the best!! xoxoxox
4. Finals are. O-V-E-R.  Winter Break has begun and I'm not looking at another text book until January 7th.. (except I may already be shopping around for my text books for next semester now.)
5. 3 Wick candles at Bath and Body works are now 2 for $22.. $8 a piece.  Yeah, someone's getting candles this christmas.... or maybe I'm just getting more candles. :) (My Fave's for Winter are "Snowed In" and "Sparkling Icicles")


  1. I haven't smelled Sparkling Icicles yet. I need to!

  2. keeping up with you is a full time job girl but I love you anyways! :)

  3. I heard about the B&BW sale this morning and I am stoked! I haven't tried that scent but it sounds AMAZING, like all of the others :) The ornament is cute, I love receiving nice sentimental things from people.
    Thanks for becoming a new follower! :)
    XO Brooke

  4. I got the email this morning about the $8 candles and as much as I don't need to spend the money, that's a great deal, esp since I'm trying to update our candles and burn them more. Hmm, I do need a secret santa gift too - I think I figured it out!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. I'm with you in the text book comment! And I'm also getting all mine sent back so I can get a credit!! Go away books!!! (:
    Found you from H5FF, you can find me here:

  6. I have an addiction to their candles. a bad addiction;)


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