Monday, December 10, 2012

GBU Monday Link Up

Happy Monday Friends!!

I'm exceptionally perky today because I wrapped up my western civilization class yesterday afternoon and was in bed by 7pm.  I know what you're thinking "7pm?! you freak!".. Stop your judging you Judgy Judy, I get up at 4am four days a week, so I'm routinely a wet blanket and go to bed stupid early.  The fact that my morning members let me play Christmas music also puts a pep in my step.

Let's get down to business shall we?

The Good:
I went to two different Christmas parties, and despite having my butt on my shoulders because I was the youngest person there by far, I ended up having a great time at both events!! Friday was the annual Post Parade Chilli Dinner that my neighbors have.  It is always an excellent time.  My neighbors, regardless of their questionable taste in College Football (Auburn graduates..tsk tsk), can always throw a kick-butt party.  My favorite part of Friday's party was spending a ton of time with our Mayor's wife (Lorraine.. she's amazing).  Lorraine recently graduated from the same program at Pfeiffer I'm currently in (It's a weirdly specialized program designed for students who work full time, so classes are all at night, and online to accommodate those of us who work full time day jobs), so whenever we get together we talk school, and kids, and education.  It's always a good time if you're into that sort of thing. 

Saturday was the Annual "Bash & Barter"  for TreesNC.  This event I was really NOT looking forward to because we've never been before and I only knew of a few people who were going to be there.  Again, I was the youngest person there by far and I was just not looking forward to going.  (I was also feeling frumpy and gross, and my hair wouldn't cooperate so there was that).  Well, The Mayor and Lorraine were there again, but this time apparently Lorraine had some tricks up her sleeve.  She very slily introduced me to a handsome young man who is a recent transplant to our fair city.  We ended up talking for most of the evening and having dinner together.  (We did exchange numbers and have plans to get together sometime this week). 

The Bad:
I was super proud of myself for making it through Thanksgiving having actually lost weight, but alas, I've gained 6lbs and we're only 10 days into December. I need to get it together, but y'all.. Girl loves a glass of wine, or a beer every now and then.. and can you really expect me to bake you 47,000 cookies and not have one three, MOM!!  But I'm officially in slim down mode until further notice..

The Ugly:

Linking up with Kate & Kati for The Good, Bad & Ugly Original Linkup!!

You are all amazing, and I hope you have an amazing week!!!


  1. Wow... you had a great weekend! Finished a class, two parties, met a guy? Sounds wondrous.

    That slim down mode? I'm there with you... we don't have to be in super, low calorie reduction mode... just maybe in don't gain another pound and just drop one or two mode... still want to enjoy some good food/drink!

    1. Haha Sounds like a plan!! Girl has gotta drink some!! It's the holidays!! How can we deal with all that family togetherness sans wine?!

      I always look forward to Monday's with Kate, Kati and You!! So entertaining!!

  2. Wow, it looks like you had a great weekend! I had no idea that you were taking night classes, well good luck with that. I can relate to you in that I worked several jobs at one time all through college. It was crazy, but I have faith that it made me a better person lol Happy Holidays!

    Chelsee @ Southern Beauty Guide

  3. Stopping by through the GBU! Good luck on the slim down mode. Its not easy but when you see end results its totally worth it! Love the snowy background :) Have a great day! XO

    Brooke @ WideOSpaces

  4. you look sooo cute!
    it's so hard for me to concentrate on staying healthy these days- ugh!
    sounds like a great weekend!

  5. I love that striped dress on you - looks gorgeous!

    And no one needs to be in "slim down" mode during the holiday season! Just be in "maintenance" mode! You don't have to lose anything, just don't gain :)

  6. I agree with everything Kate said above - great dress, and you should just try to maintain! And way to meet a man! You go girl!

    Happy Monday!


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