Friday, December 7, 2012

A Friday Vent and some Blog Love!

I'm not 100% sure that I have 5 things I'm excited about this week.  I mean, I know I could come up with 5 things if I thought about it hard enough but I'm not quite in that frame of mind yet.. I'm sort of "bleh". 

It's not been a great week.  Finals and Work stuff have really got me down in the dumps.  At least finals are almost over and by that I mean, I just have 2 more tests and one discussion for an online class!!  Sometimes I'm just amazed at the sheer ignorance and the lack of gratitude I receive for doing my job.  Don't get me wrong, I don't need anyone to throw me a party or anything, but it would be nice just once for someone to say "Wow. That is a cute Christmas Tree you threw together for us." rather than "That's the ugliest effing tree I've ever seen in my life" or "Thanks Sam! For always making sure there's cold water in the fridge, and tape in the tape dispenser" instead of "SAM! I WANT WATER NOW!!" (Please keep in mind we have a mini fridge that's stocked full of cold bottles of water, and we also have a water fountain and three working sinks.. Getchu some water!).  We also failed our state Tanning bed inspection (I knew we would, I told my boss we would.. This is not on me y'all!), However, the inspector only comes once every two years.  He came last July.  But Sammie! That's been only a little more than a year! Yes, my astute blog followers, I know, however, they come more often when your boss refuses to pay their licensing fee.  So we were already coming up from behind.  There's minor things that my staff and I are fixing, but y'all.. this was THE LAST thing I needed this week. Also, I make sure that we send cards to members who are sick or injured, as well as member who've recently lost a loved one or suffered some sort of emotional hardship, and last night I had to buy more than 12 cards for members.  It broke my heart. I realize that I take my job to heart way too often, but our members become like family and when my family hurts, I hurt. 

So this is not my first venture into the blogesphere.  I had a blog in a previous life, and I don't think I ever got more than like 2 followers.  But I'm up to 22 now!! In my head I've been like "When I get 25, I'll do a giveaway" or "buy a blog layout" but then again I'm like maybe I'll wait till I get to 50! Anyway, I just wanted to say "Thanks" for reading my rambles!! I Love you all!! Now go tell all your friends!!

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