Friday, December 21, 2012


Good Morning Y'all!!

I for one stayed out way too late last night so I am super sleepy, but it was worth it. I'm super grumpy and frustrated with like 7,000 different things.  I feel anxious and nervous, but like I'm not really sure what I'm so worked up over.. which just frustrates me even more. <Insert random mumblings, grumblings and unladylike words here>

1. Last day of Work!! Till next Thursday!!
2. New makeup! See my "What's in my MakeUp Bag" post here
3. I got all my friend Christmas presents sent out and only lack 3 presents!
4. Flirting.. I'm painfully out of practice and awkward and ievitabley end up sending an abundance of " ;)" faces.
5. Alcohol. I love it. Don't judge. It eases the holiday pain of waaayyyy too much family time.

6. In an effort to stop being such a brat today: I got Christmas gifties from my members!! I got a Bath & Body Works (Winter Candy Apple... My favorite!) gift set, a really cute mug, a homemade Orange Juice Cake, Homemade Turkey soup (It's sooooo good!!), and (my favorite) a Cajun Filet Biscuit and a Large Coffee from Bojangles.  I Love my members, and my coworkers.  I am so blessed to have this job and be so surrounded by people who truly care.

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  1. I wish we could hang out over the holidays :/

    Alcohol, Christmas Movies and hanging out with Sassy Sammie are a few of my favorite things! :)

  2. OOH! yaay for new makeup! and good luck with flirting. I think most of us are terrible at it...or maybe that is just me. I get to a point where all I can do is giggle and change the subject. hahah


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