Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy Monday!! (GBU)

Happy Monday Lovelies!!

 I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!!

(Look at me being super duper perky on a Monday Morning! Don't worry, I'm sure it won't last!)  Part of my Perkiness is due to the fact that I got decent sleep last night, even though I woke up in a panic 3 different times thinking I overslept and was late for work.  I also was settling in to do my usual 2 hours of history homework on a sunday night, and I would click to start my quiz... and it would take me back to the blackboard home page.. and then I would do it again, same thing.. so then I thought "Hmm.. Maybe I should actually read the course announcement for once?"  Yep, due to finals week our weekly quiz doesn't open until TODAY!! AT 8AM!! So I got to take a shower and go to bed stupid early!! Well I would have if SOMEONE hadn't decided to run the dishwasher thus leaving me with ice water to bathe in, so I hopped out of the shower with shampoo in my hair and lounged around in my robe till we had hot water again.. I'm classy.. what can I say?

So lets get down to business with the Original Good, Bad & Ugly!!  Linking up with Kate & Kati the creators of GBU.. Did I mention this is the Original GBU linkup? Cause it is.

The Good: Bama Won the SEC Championship!!! (Yes, I have already ordered my victory shirts.)  Did you watch it?! Y'all.. That was one of the best games I've seen in a while.  This might make me a bad Bama fan, but it's only fun to watch them shut out teams for so long.. seriously.. I prefer a nail biter every once in while!! Every week? Hell No! but games like the one on Saturday reminded me why I LOVE football so much. I watched it with my dad who is generally a pretty calm cucumber (is that a saying? did I make that up in my head?) but he would throw his hands up and say "ohh Geez!".  I however am less calm in nature and football brings out the Sailor in me (You can take the girl out of the Navy, but you can't take the Navy out of the girl).  Have y'all seen that beer (Bud Light? Coors Light?) that talks about football superstitions and that they're only weird if they don't work?  It's totally true.  During big games I always wear the same hat, one of like 4 different "lucky" shirts, I have to drink the same beer (Rolling Rock), sit in the same place on the couch.  I know.. I'm a weirdo.

While we're on the subject of the Crimson Tide, Can I just tell y'all that I'm in love?  Seriously.. I have been in love with Barrett Jones (#75) since 2009.  I've always had a thing for offensive linemen, but with Mr. Jones.. it's real.  I hard core Love Him.  Most girls fawn over AJ McCarron who is dreamy, but this girl.. I swoon over Barrett.  He's big and bad and tough, but deep down you know he's a teddy bear.  I have no idea if he's single, married, in a serious long term relationship, but I'm putting it out there... Barrett Jones, I Love You with all my heart and I want to have your Crimson Tide jersey wearing, football playing, blue eyed boy babies.  If you know me, you know how much babies scare me, but I would have Barrett Jones's babies faster than you can say LSWho?

Tell me we wouldn't have BEAUTIFUL football playing babies.

The Bad: Christmas Madness has started!! As the manager of a gym, I get the honor of setting the hours.  Specifically the hours/days we will be closed during the holidays.  So queue the next two weeks of constant whining and complaining from my members about how A: We're closed SOOO MUCH, B: You should pro-rate our memberships during months that you're closed SOOO MUCH, and C: Now is when we NEED to work out the most. D:Why can't you just work the normal schedule!?  SERIOUSLY!?
A: We're closed exactly 4 days total (not counting Sundays when we're always closed).  Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.  4 freaking days that I can guarantee you not one person would be here if I were to open up..
B: No other gyms do this, and I'm not going to either. Corporate won't let me do that.  You're paying less than $1/day.. deal with it.
C: You're right, this SHOULD be when you work out the most to combat the holiday munchies, however, You won't.  Attendance has been SO SLOW recently.  3 people in 4 hours.. not worth it.
D: I am working "Holiday Hours" the 26th-28th because our usual staff of 3 (including myself), is down to just me starting the 23rd, and there's absolutely no need for me to be here from 5:15am-7:30pm on Christmas week, when I can promise you.. Next to no one will come. Holidays are a time for family and I'm pretty sure that my members forget that I have one.. I may be single, but I do still have a family that cares about me and would like to see me.


The Ugly: Finals Week. Yay for the last full week of the semester!! Boo for final papers, final exams, last lectures, and Hellllllooooooooo Winter Break!!

I hope you all have a Marvelous Monday!!


  1. Hey! I am stopping by from the GBU Linkup! Great blog, I am subscribing now! I watched that game mostly standing up, it was so intense...I loved it! Well I thought I was the only one that woke up in panic, thinking I was late...guess that makes me feel a little better about life knowing someone else goes through this lol Happy Monday!

    Chelsee @ Southern Beauty Guide

  2. That game made me so nervous this weekend, but our boys pulled it out! Roll Tide!

  3. Good luck with your finals, girl! You're almost there!!

    Also, those gym people sounds so idiotic! It probably wouldn't kill 'em to go outside and run on those four days, or do a fitness video somewhere. Stick to your guns!

    Thanks for linking up with us! xo

  4. Yay, good luck with finals! So close to finishing!

    Thanks for linking up with us - happy Monday!


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