Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Holiday VoxBox

Here's my review of Influenster's Holiday VoxBox.  This was my first one and I was pretty surprised with the cool stuff I got!!

1. NYC Liquid Shine Lip Gloss.  This isn't actually a color that I would ever wear, so I gave it to my mom and she Loves it!! it seems to last for a while, and she's crazy about it.
2. $25 off your first pair of shoes from SoleSociety.  I've never purchased anything from SoleSociety, but I'm impressed with their selection so far! I still haven't used it, but if/when I do, I'll be sure to write more about it!!
3. Nail Dress Stickers.  I haven't tried these yet as I just got my nails done last Friday, but I'm considering rocking them on New Years Eve!
4. Goody QuickStyle hair brush. Y'all.  This brush is kind of incredible.  I have very thick, naturally curly hair that usually takes like 45 minutes or more to blow dry and even then I usually just give up because I'm bored or my arm is tired.  I've seen this brush several times and thought about buying it, but I was like "Meh.. it can't be that great". WRONG. It's that great! It really draws out the moisture in your hair!  I've used it every time I washed my hair the last few days and it has literally cut my drying time in half!!  Run, don't walk, to your nearest store and getchu one!
5. I used this today, and it's made me feel sort of jittery, which is a gross feeling.  I hate that feeling. I'd skip this.
6. These little oatmeal cups are not new to me. I have a stock pile of these at my job in the cabinets. I fix them for members sometimes, but mostly they are for me and my staff. I'm excited to try this one because all the ones I've found locally have nuts in them and I'm not a huge fan of nuts.

Overall, I really liked this VoxBox, but it could be because I like getting mail.. like a lot. Happy Wednesday!!!



  1. I got the VoxBox too - now to just find the time to write about it :)

  2. Now I'm dying to try out the goody brush! My hair is the exact same way!!


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