Friday, November 16, 2012

High Five for Friday!

I'm linking up with Lauren From My Grey Desk again (Cause she's fantastic!)

1. So today I'm hosting a Football themed party at work.  We started a "Fall Fantasy Football Challenge" right after labor day where my members had to come in and work out 3 times per week (which they should be doing anyway!) for a "Touchdown", if they work out more than that they get a "Touchdown" and a "Field Goal".  I love doing promotions like this, but Man! am I relieved when they are over!!  So I was up forever last night making whole wheat pumpkin muffins, and throwing a breakfast casserole in the crock pot for my morning ladies (my co-worker is bringing chilli later for our afternoon ladies!).  So far, it's been a hit!

2. Notorious Nineteen!! So two summers ago a friend introduced me to Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series.  I read all of them that were out, bought 17 when it came out in June, then 18 when it was released last November.  Notorious 19 comes out on Tuesday, and my Thanksgiving break starts Tuesday, so I will be reading to my heart's content allllllll break long!

3. My Cate.  You're my rock..  Thanks for putting up with all my freak outs, my indecisiveness, my heartbroken and sobbing phone calls where you can't actually understand anything I'm saying but you listen regardless, my ranting and raving.  Thank you for being mad at the people who hurt me, when I'm too upset and hurt to be angry.  Thanks for helping me to realize that I deserve more than I thought I did and for teaching me not to settle.  You're the sister I would have chosen if I could have chosen a sister.  The confidence you have in me is astounding and I hope I'm worthy of it.  Love youuuuuu!

4. My BooBoo kitty.. He is just so sweet and snuggly lately.  He's very much a mama's boy, but he also likes to snuggle with my dad in the recliner, and my mom when she's not feeling very good.  My heart melts when I see those big blue eyes. He has really been a bright spot in my life.  I love him so much.

5. I have rekindled my romance with eBay.  Much to the detriment of my bank account!!  But for realllll y'all!! I love getting a good deal!! Brand new Tory Burch flats for half the retail price? Yes!, Kate Spade weekender travel bags (with a minor scuff mark?!) at more than 80% off the original price Sign me up!

Now I'm off to plan my thanksgiving menu!! Enjoy your weekend!!


  1. Such a wonderful thing to have great friends! Your football party looks so fun! Have a great weekend!


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