Friday, November 23, 2012


Happy Friday Friends!!

How was your thanksgiving?! I hope it was fantastic!!

I am finally feeling better!! still tired and a wee bit achy, but I am on the mend!!

 1. BooBoo and I managed to get a good Christmas card picture!!  this is a picture of the picture that I took with my phone, but yay!!
2. I cooked a healthy Thanksgiving Meal all by my lonesome (except for the gravy, because I hate gravy..)
3. My dead daddy put up the outside Christmas decor up yesterday!! Now its the Christmas season and I'm officially in the Holiday Spirit!
4. On Wednesday night I think I texted one of my best friends Katelyn like 700 times about nail polish.. What?! yes.. That was the most important thing in my life at that time.  I got Essie's "Leading Lady"(the red color) and loved it in the bottle, hated it on my fingers, and then loved it again with the top coat.  Bottom line... get Leading Lady, but don't make a judgement until you put on a top coat!! The gold glittery color is Essie's "Beyond Cozy" and I'm in love with it. 
5. I made a Pumpkin Chiffon Pie.. and Y'all. It's to die for!! Seriously!! It's a Paula Deen recipe so it was the only part of my Thanksgiving feast that wasn't healthy, but it was totally worth the calories!!


  1. The Leading Lady color looks great!!

    Glad your Thanksgiving meal was yummy :-)

  2. Bahaha we have such riveting conversations :P


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