Monday, November 19, 2012

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly...

Can I just tell y'all how much I Love a link party?! I'm sure that there are link parties for every day of the week, but let's be honest.. that would get boring.  Today though, I'm linking up with Kati from Incorporating Color (You should totally check out her blog, because A: her background is polk-a-dots, and B: she's funny.. but seriously, I love her blog!!)

The Good:  There was a lot of good that happened over the weekend when I stop to really think about it.  I often get bogged down with a case of the Monday's where I'm pretty sure that everything actually sucked, but I really only feel that way because it's Monday and I'm unhappy about it being Monday.  So the good.. I got a lot of sleep, We (I) got the Christmas decorations down and the Christmas tree is up!! I got my Thanksgiving menu planned and the shopping done!!  My sweet booboo kitty gave me lots of snuggles this weekend.  I had a really small group in sunday school, all  boys, and there was only minor bloodshed! I'm sorry.. That's a win in my book.

My BooBoo baby in his Christmas sweater and his Christmas moose.

The Bad: Walmart. The Sunday before Thanksgiving.  BIG MISTAKE!! Okay, lets get a little bit offensive in here.. What meats do you think of when you think of Thanksgiving? Turkey! duh!, Ham.. okay weirdo, Chicken, sure!, Turducken, whatever... BEEF TONGUE?! No thank you.  Seriously. Put that away.  Put it way back in the back.  Leave a sign out with the meat that says:

 "People who desire beef tongue for Thanksgiving, please reconsider.. after you've reconsidered, and if you decide you still want it.. ask an associate"

Seriously.. I think that I have a pretty strong stomach.. for the most part.  I also consider myself somewhat of a foodie.. but I could not handle the beef tongue.  Add that to the crushing throngs of people, and needless to say, I came home, and immediately showered to decontaminate myself, and went to bed.  I was just exhausted after that little trip.  

The Ugly: I am now about 12 hours into what I can only hope is this nasty 48 hour bug that's been going around... I have like 12 layers on, I'm freezing, I have a low fever (My normal healthy body temp is between 96-97 so when it goes up to 99.. I'm pretty sure I'm dying), I'm nauseous but I've only tossed my cookies once.  So this is not only ugly... it's pretty disgusting.  I don't feel fit to be around people, yet I was at work at 5:30 this morning because I'm the manager and we only have a 3 person staff (including myself).  As soon as I leave work I'm off to the doctor, because my dear friend Jerrica is pretty convinced that every time I get sick I get some rare infection that only 12 other people in the world have ever had.. That is not true by the way.  Work. Doctor. Home.  That's my Monday.

On the bright side though, It's after 9am, and I'm only here till Noon!!


  1. First off, beef tongue should not even exist as a form of cosumption. Gross! lol
    Second, I am so sorry to hear that your sick! I had something almost exactly similar about a month ago. And hopefully this isn't your case but it lasted two days (got worse the second day with a fever of 103). Even for almost 3 days after, I was still really worn out. I'll keep you in my prayers today and hope that it isn't what I had!

  2. See! I knew we were meant to be the best of friends!! Thanks for the get better wishes!! <3<3

  3. Haha, aww, you're so sweet! I'm so glad you like my blog, and I'm PUMPED that you linked up with us. :) Hope you feel better soon, girl!

  4. Excuse me? I am pretty sure that you have the rarest of rare diseases.. even now.


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