Thursday, January 17, 2013

Things I don't Love Thursday

Linking up with Melissa from Lulu & Sweet Pea for some things I don't love Thursday!!

I'm currently loving, but also not really loving the fact that I have to basically get an entirely new wardrobe.. like today.   I went from a job where I wore sweat pants every day, to a job where I have to look nice!  I'm really excited about this, but my bank account is not.  Yay for Loft loving Teachers and giving an extra 15% off discount!!!

The panic about some snow has begun. I have been at work for a little over an hour and I have already had no less than 12 conversations about the snow. Kids are bummed out because they are calling for snow on a day that they don't have school anyway.  People have stocked up on enough milk and bread to survive Snowpacolypse 2013.  I could in all honesty care less.  
The fact that Snowpacolypse 2013 could possibly interrupt my date plans and dating in general.  I feel like dating now a days is like playing high stakes monopoly.  Going to jail is a very real possibility because lets be honest girls be crazy, You have to get dressed up, leave the house, be interesting and charming when sometimes all you want to do is stay home with your cat (but then you'll be "that" person..), we all want to be the shoe, but sometimes you end up being the top hat (take from that whatever you'd like, it can even be a little bit dirty)
 My Flirty Faces.

Here I thought I was being subtle... Apparently not.  

So now I'm off to go practice flirty faces in the mirror, perhaps I'll try a more smoldering temptress look?

Happy Thursday!


  1. We just had some snow and ice as well and it ruined our plans... snow stinks and people don't shut up about it! I feel ya on that. Good luck if it does snow and be safe :)

  2. Loft gives a great educator discount...and Ann Taylor has a fabulous student discount!!! I love the flirty faces and the thoughts on dating...I definitely feel like staying in all the time, but alas, I gotta go spit some game or whatever flirting is called these days. oxo

  3. Love any excuse to buy new clothes! Win.

  4. I'm always a fan of skipping milk bread and eggs before a snow storm and stocking up on wine, vodka, and cheese.

  5. Omg Sammie you are cray cray..let me know if you need help with that smoldering temptress know I have been told I pull that off rather well haha Glad that you could vent this morning via text and FB about clothes...good luck!

  6. Your flirty faces crack me up!
    Visiting from Lulu & Sweet Pea :)


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