Friday, January 25, 2013

Official Launch!! H54F!!!

Yay!! Today is the day!! We are officially launching the giveaway!!
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Y'all!!! We had another Snow Day, but it's more of an Ice Day.  I was TERRIFIED while driving home.
I have a tiny two seater car that does not drive well in the snow.  I also live on a "mountain" so lots of curves and hills.  It took me 34 minutes to get home today. It takes me less than 10 minutes to get to work so.. yeah.  I was super stressed out about it.

But now on to the fun!!

1. We officially launched our giveaway today!!! Yayyyyyyyy!!!! Hurry!! Run!! Go Enter!!
2. I had a much needed W(h)ine evening with one of my girlfriend's here in town. We dished and gossiped and down two bottles of wine in less than an hour.  I Loved it.
3. We originally had an early dismissal scheduled for 10:30 am, well it actually started snowing/sleeting at 9:15, so at 9:30 they bumped it up to 10, which was a huge clusterfudge.  Buses were late because the weather started, my students freaked out.  It was chaos.  Then leaving the school my car was not pleased about the ice on the road, and I swerved like three times.  It was terrifying.
4. I finished my first (rather short) week of school with my new job.  I am one tired girl, but y'all I love my job, and my students so much.  It is just ridiculous.  They are so sweet and I find it so rewarding to work with them. Because I only have one student that's verbal, so my weekend will be filled with learning basic signs like "Please", "Thank you", "More", "Help" all the things my students need to say, but can't.  I'm being really disciplined, and using my signs while I'm talking.  New favorite hobby.. I think yes!
5. One of my sweet classmates (yes, I am still in school!) gave me four of his landscapes last night during our class.  He is super talented and I Love them! The one in my collage is my favorite though, it's so gorgeous it almost looks fake!! My favorite part was that he signed the back of them with quotes and sweet sayings. What a doll!!

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I hope Y'all are having a fabulous Friday!! Don't forget to enter our giveaway!!!


  1. This will be our first Valentine's Day as a married couple so we are trying to find a romantic hotel one-night stay for that weekend!

  2. Super excited about the giveaway and I'm glad you are liking your new job! We too received two inches of snow today with an ice mixture. That picture of you is priceless. I'm sure I look just like that if not worse!!
    Xo Brook Happy Friday!

    1. Entering the giveaway: We actually combine our wedding anniversary (March 1st) and Valentine's Day. It will be our fifth year wedding anniversary so for both of the holidays we are having a dinner with our bridal party and going out afterwards. I also upgraded the hubs wedding ring!

  3. Even when you're stressed - you're still gorgeous :)

  4. I adore your blog! Seriously so cute. I'm a single, twenty-something student also, so I'm glad I found you :) Thanks for the giveaway! I've entered!

    Have a great weekend, and stop by and say hi if you get the chance!

    Diary of a Debutante


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