Thursday, January 3, 2013

Things I (don't) love Thursday

I'm linking up with Lulu & Sweet Pea today for her "Things I don't Love". Seems like a fun way to get some things that I'm not loving off my chest. 
 Get ready y'all.. I'm about to get real up in here.

Things I don't love:
Girls who claim to only want a FWB (Friend's with Benefits) type relationship.  Ladies, when you enter into this kind of relationship with a guy, you're telling him that you obviously don't respect yourself enough to want to be his girlfriend.  You're worth more than a 9pm "I couldn't find anything better do so lets hook up" text message.  I speak from experience.  I used to be that kind of girl, too emotionally damaged to be able to handle anything more than an evening the felt good at the time, but only left me more damaged the next day.  I used to be a good time girl.  Then my ex happened, and well.. I had to seriously re-evaluate my decisions.  You can kid yourself into thinking you're okay with that, but girlfriend, You and I both know better!  Respect yo self, and tell him you want more.

That Christmas comes and goes so quickly.. I miss it already. 

How Jessica Simpson already seems to be 11 1/2 months pregnant. Man.. this will be another long pregnancy.
Filing my nails.  I've been trying to grow them out, and I guess that means I'm supposed to file them? I hate it. A lot. The feeling of sand paper across my nails seriously gives me the willies. Yuck yuck yuck.
My brain when it gets a brilliant idea.  It wakes me up way before my alarm and forces me to go to the grocery store (NEVER AGAIN WALMART!) before work. Though the end result is a pretty brilliant marketing tool, if I do say so myself!
The 17924372 things and meetings I'm supposed to go to today. I have a kickoff dinner for Relay for Life, a fundraising committee meeting for the senior adult association, a staff meeting, I need to update our computer system, print out stuff, organize our desk and I still need to find sometime to get books for next semester which starts in less than a week.  Sheesh.  I need a nap.

What are you not loving today?



  1. Great post! How is JS Preggers again...dear god! I am a firm believer that FWB do not truly exists because one or the other person ends up wanting more most of the time! I am simply not loving the following: that it's not Friday,my laura geller real deal concealer is MIA, it's raining, head cold, having way too much to do and so little time..and well lunch date with an ex. Not surprising is it??? lol Happy Thursday !!

  2. I agree with every single one of these! How is JS THAT huge already? Unless she's just been hiding it for a loooong time. Wow.

    Thanks for linking up with me!!!

  3. I completely hate filing my nails too...that sound/feeling gives me the goosebumps and the shivers! I can't grow mine out too long, because then I would have to file them, which I refuse to do, so I just cut them!

  4. AMEN on the ladies not respecting themselves. SO MANY play this game and lie to themselves, but it'll burn in the end.

    And Jessica Simpson, Lord have mercy! What is she doin takin pics like that anyway? She is huge! And tacky.

  5. your blog is so fun! i died with that jessica simpson picture.

    new follower :)

  6. Oh my goodness JS! I didn't realize she was pregnant again?! Although in her defense, with your second, you do balloon up quickly. I remember looking dang near as big as I was at 40 weeks with my first, at about 20ish weeks with my second.

    FWB is ridick.

    Stopping by from L&SP


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