Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's OK Thursday.

Happy Thursday Lovelies!!

It's Ok...

That I shamelessly flirt with the sweet guy in my biology class even though he is wayyyy to young for me...(I'd let him be my DD though!)...
That I locked myself in the bathroom and cried for 10 minutes yesterday after one of my students was a holy terror..
That picking out outfits for school is exhausting.. and I sometimes lay awake way later that I should because I'm all like "did I do laundry? is my black skirt clean? do I want to wear a skirt? skirt and what... dress? what time is it? OMG!!!"
That I'm a shopaholic and I'm frighteningly close to being broke...
That I had wine for dinner last night..
That sometimes I'm all like "I'm going to save so much money" and then be like "Buttt.... Shoes!!"..
That I laugh uncontrollably alone in my room at #myfriendsaremarried...
That I still don't really understand what I'm supposed to claim on my W4's...
That I'm kicking myself for not getting the new middle school teacher I met at my enrollment's number.. or last name.  Who doesn't need more friends? Specifically friends who are male, that just moved here from a different state and that dress well.... On second thought.. he seems too good to be true.
That I am the master procrastinator.. (I actually got my laptop out to work on homework, 6 hours, 2 blog posts. a nap and a weird pseudo date later... No homework got done.)
That when I tell stories of how awful dating is and people are like "You're so funny! You should totally create a blog" I'm all like: 
because then they would read the things I write about them...
But you know what's not okay?
Not entering our Giveaway!! Sooooo not okay! So go do that.. ASAP.



  1. Shoes are a necessity! Also, wine for dinner every now and then. I like to nibble on cheese to make it more French and, therefore, okay.

  2. I wish I got to pick out cute outfits again, my work at night has a uniform so I usually am just wearing my gym clothes until I have to go to work at night...unless I'm teaching then I get to pick out cute things. Oh the life! :)

  3. I love the meme in regards to shopping. I'm so with you there...and procrastinating. Happy Thursday. oxo

  4. Haha glad to see you were able to get the gifs in! I also love your comment about our giveaway! You are too funny...don't worry I will never judge you for drinking wine lol

  5. Yes! I love my friends are married. Also lost on W4s!

  6. Wine for dinner sounds awesome! I should try that! Maybe I wouldn't be so stressed out and in pain from this surgery! Hmmm. I am stoked about the giveaway! Can you please announce the winner already :)
    Have a great day!

  7. Yep... fruit salad for supper for me too!

  8. Is it okay that I also love my friends are married? Because I do..


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