Friday, May 23, 2014

High Five for Friday!!

Happy Friday Friends!!
This has been a super stressful, but at the same time, rewarding week! Plus it has absolutely FLOWN by!! Some weeks I feel lucky to make it limping to the finish line, but this week I am skipping into Friday!!
So what has gotten me through this week? read on, Lovely one's:
1. Summer Classes started! 
Summer Classes have brought the most stress for this week. I am transferring to East Carolina to finish my Bachelor's Degree. With that has come the stress of transferring credits from my former private university, to the public university. There were 3 classes that I needed and thought "Oh! I'll take them at a community college over the summer and everything will be great!". I applied, sent transcripts, the whole 9 yards. I even called to triple check that I had done everything right. So I go to register and BAM! "You have not taken the prerequisites to register for this class"... and yet.. I have. Taken them and gotten A's. So after two days of phone tag, tears, FAFSA drama and anxiety, I am in 2 of the 3 classes and am off to a great start! 
2. 12 more days of school!!
I love my job. I love my students. I am blessed everyday that I get to go to a job that I really and truly enjoy. The kids have made tremendous progress this school year and that makes me incredibly happy. However, I am more than ready for a glorious summer vacation. I'm gonna read SOOOOO many books, reorganize my life, run the Cullpepper's Rebellion 5k in Elizabeth City and maybe do a play. Who knows?! Well I will be working for my mom, and taking classes, but to say that I am merely ready for Summer is an understatement.
3.My Car
So my precious little car has been very neglected lately. The check engine light may have been on for like the last 3 months, and in the last two weeks the car alarm would go off for no apparent reason, usually between 2:30-3:30am. Oh! and one of my brake lights was out. I had to take her to the shop on Monday and just got her back this afternoon. They cleared like 35 codes during the diagnostics, fixed the alarm problem, fixed everything... except the brake light, but ya know what.. I might just figure out how to do that myself.

4. Tanlines... on my feet.
I wear my jacks all day eeeerryyyy day and this is the result.
5. Dress Weather
I have worn a dress or skirt every day this week. It has been glorious. I feel better, more feminine in dresses and skirts. Plus I get some sun on my crazy pale legs!
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I hope everyone has had a wonderful week!
Wishing you all a Fab Friday!!

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