Monday, March 25, 2013

I'm Back (Again.. Hopefully for good!) with a new LinkUp!!

I am coming out of the wood work (again) to launch a fun new weekly linkup with my Bestie, Katelyn (A Wife's Life).

What's been going on? What has everybody been up to? Me? Still loving my job!! School is really killing my social life! ;) I was seeing someone fantastic, but as they usually do, he turned out to be more "Yankee Bad Boy Skeezball", than "Romantic Southern Transplant of my dreams".  Out with him, in with the pint of Blue Bell Dutch Chocolate.  I've been drowning my sorrows over him for more time than I'm proud of.. but we're moving on!

Katelyn and Sammie <3
Speaking of ze Bestie, Last week we finally got to meet face to face and spent the best day ever shopping, getting mani's, laughing and stuffing our faces.  What can I say? She gets me!

Anyway, Kate and I came up with the idea for this new linkup because we both are totally guilty of pinning dozens (probably more like hundreds) of recipes, but then when it comes down to it, we just go out to eat or get take out.  Thus the "Get Cookin Good Lookin" weekly link party/challenge has been born.

Here's how it works:
-Grab our button and link up with us every Friday
-Credit the original source and share the recipe in your post. I will be adapting mine some from the original source but still want to give them credit.
-Post pictures of your food.
-Share any helpful tips you can think of!

We are so excited to see what everyone comes up with and make some of your recipes. The first link up starts Friday!


Thank you so much for taking time to comment!! Comments are like birthday presents to me so keep them coming!!! xoxoxo